Hand-made in Colombia - 100% organic

In the Magdalena River, central Colombia, the women from a village called La Chamba continue to carry on an artisanal tradition that spans at least over 700 years. Using the mineral-rich clay from the area, these women make 'La Tapa' cookware- used and loved by Colombians, gourmet cooks and celebrity chefs around the globe.

Each piece is hand shaped and moulded. Elegant, contemporary, easy to use, 'La Tapa' is Colombia's gift to the world's most demanding cooks. These artisan pieces can be used on gas stove top, in the oven and microwave.

This is truly eco-friendly cookware – 'La Tapa' is Cookware made over a period of 700 years, handed down from generation to generation: Mother to Daughter – Father to Son! The process of making each piece involves 3 types of organic clay which is moulded, shaped by hand and then polished with agate stones. The result is a non toxic, 100% organic, contemporary piece of art from earth to table. 'La Tapa' cookware and serveware includes griddle pans, roasters, baking dishes, fully complemented with small unique tapas bowls.